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Hello again.  It’s been awhile.  Wasn’t even sure I would continue this little spot in the blogosphere. There are always so many things competing for our time. But a recent comment from someone I had just met, but who had read my old blog posts, inspired me to spend at least a wee of time back at it. There are so many wonderful things to appreciate. And that’s what I created this blog for in the first place. I read somewhere that “what you appreciate appreciates”.

So if you see something here like, welcome, feel free to pipe up too. If not, safe travels. I will endeavor to bring a slice of something positive from time to time.  Here’s to more appreciation of “the good stuff” in life.

I would love it if you would share your own positive tidbits in the comments below. Happy Holidays 2013 and may your 2014 be the best ever!


Well, Scoble‘s at rackspace now.  And, following his “Corporate Blogging Manifesto” rule #13: “don’t write if your life is in turmoil, I have left this blog silent for a time (just barely started the dang thing).

I’m sure some degree of turmoil will continue for awhile, but at least there is some new definite direction for me.

Background: My position at Hamilton was eliminated in late January.  I’ve been in power-search mode since then.  I’ve been looking in two particular directions.  In addition to looking for a new position in organizational management, I’ve explored some opportunities to expand one of my passions – writing.  The job search culminated with me accepting a position with the Merrick group of companies, which I will begin on Monday 4/6/09.  I will be handling B2B sales and marketing of the automotive product line.  Some freelance writing opportunities are also likely to bear fruit in the near future.

So that’s me up to the minute.  Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and positive influences in my life.  They have helped me stay “afloat” through an uncertain time.  I believe positive energy (good thoughts from friends, prayer, positive visuals) really does impact “real” events.  According to the “experts”, I (we) beat the statistics by 3 to 6 months…in this economy! WHAT?  In the state with the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the nation?! Sweet!

Best wishes, v

A social media world icon, Robert Scoble is moving on from Fast to ? A technology evangelist veteran from Microsoft to Fast Co. to co-authoring “Naked Conversations“, a book about how businesses are using blogging, The “Scobleizer” is directly responsible for energizing a move toward transparency and intimate conversation between companies and their clients and prospects.
Robert has not yet revealed his next move but I’m betting it’ll be to his and our benefit.
Here’s to your continued success Robert!

This week, I picked up some gravel for my driveway at Hooker Brothers’ Sand and Gravel in Grand Island, Nebraska.The pickup box trailer I used hadn’t hauled anything heavier than a few household items in many moons.  So when roughly a ton of gravel hit the bed, even though the operator was very gentle, the tires, with their 12 pounds of air went nearly flat!

I was just deciding I’d have to drive veerrrrry slowly and get some air at a gas station when the operator says, “you want to put some air in those tires?”  We went to the shop where the “boys” were closing up to go home.  I’d arrived at about twenty to closing time. Now it was at least five and no one was glaring at me to “hurry it up”.   On the contrary, one of the men put air in my tires while I made small talk with the “operator”, who as it turns out was Scott Hooker.

Hooker Brothers has grown to be a major player in the construction and materials world in Nebraska over the past twenty or thirty years.  It was easy to see that one contributing factor to that success has been world class customer service!  And as always, it starts at the top.  The very courteous “boys” were simply modeling their leaders.

Thanks Scott, “the boys” and the Hooker Brothers organization for an excellent customer experience.


So I just watched my new favorite (never heard of it before) movie, “10 Items or Less”. Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega were outstandingly unexpected.  This is a life lesson in doing what you” feel”even when you’re so scared to fail that you want to puke.  If you’re looking for heartstopping action — not your movie.  A fresh encouragement to live the music that’s in you — yep this one’ll do.  Note: not a kid movie, quite a bit of lanquage.

One of my favorite bloggers Dr. Mark Goulston has a great post.  Simple, but effective habits happy couples practice that others don’t.  Check it out!

This is the day which the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Today is the day to pass on your wealth, the goodness that’s in you to someone deserving.  Guess what you don’t have to choose.  Everyone deserves your caring.

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