Well, Scoble‘s at rackspace now.  And, following his “Corporate Blogging Manifesto” rule #13: “don’t write if your life is in turmoil, I have left this blog silent for a time (just barely started the dang thing).

I’m sure some degree of turmoil will continue for awhile, but at least there is some new definite direction for me.

Background: My position at Hamilton was eliminated in late January.  I’ve been in power-search mode since then.  I’ve been looking in two particular directions.  In addition to looking for a new position in organizational management, I’ve explored some opportunities to expand one of my passions – writing.  The job search culminated with me accepting a position with the Merrick group of companies, which I will begin on Monday 4/6/09.  I will be handling B2B sales and marketing of the automotive product line.  Some freelance writing opportunities are also likely to bear fruit in the near future.

So that’s me up to the minute.  Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and positive influences in my life.  They have helped me stay “afloat” through an uncertain time.  I believe positive energy (good thoughts from friends, prayer, positive visuals) really does impact “real” events.  According to the “experts”, I (we) beat the statistics by 3 to 6 months…in this economy! WHAT?  In the state with the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the nation?! Sweet!

Best wishes, v